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Born in Birmingham, England and now living in San Francisco, California. James’ career in the hair industry actually, began in Dublin, Ireland. Even from the start of his apprenticeship in the 1980's, he had dreams of moving to another country to develop and further his career. Over the course of fifteen years he traveled and visited over twenty countries, including Paris, Bangkok, London, Melbourne and New York, but was unable to decide upon the best city to relocate and expand his craft.

That decision was made in 2005, while visiting friends in San Francisco, he was captivated by the creativity, culture, and style of the city. In 2006, after seventeen years in Dublin, James left everything behind to rebuild his career, clients and reputation in San Francisco and in doing so challenged himself to be the best hairdresser in the city.

To James "The act of styling beautiful hair is more a method of communication than anything else. We allow the client to send a message of health, happiness, and success. If the client looks great, then we look great.” this is his motto, and one he truly believes and stands by as he creates the best salon in San Francisco.

SPECIALITIES: Women’s & Men’s Haircutting: Scissor, Razor & Dry Cutting, L’Oreal Color Expert




Kyle graduated from the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology. He grew up in the hair industry and has been working with James Colgan, since 2015. Kyle has received extensive training from Arrojo, including a one (1) month boot camp in New York, where he was certified in razor cutting & hair painting. Kyle has also received training from Sally Rogerson and is certified in advanced haircutting.

Kyle says "I come from a family of hairdressers. I was born and raised with beauty and fashion all around me and it inspired me to follow in the footsteps of my parents. I thrive on making my clients feel great about their cut and color and having a memorable experience."

SPECIALITIES: Women’s & Men’s Haircutting and Styling, Coloring and Bleaching.




Annie is an Almeda Beauty School graduate and licensed cosmetologist. She is an integral part of the team who has been working closely with James Colgan, since 2015, and has been in the hair industry for over 5 years. Annie has received training and is certified from Yosh (haircutting), Vidal Sassoon (classic haircutting), Arrojo (razor cutting), L’Oreal (balayage), and recently completed the Sally Rogerson haircutting course in February, 2017.

Annie says, "I believe in creating the right look for every client. Everyone is unique and different so it's important to bring out each person's beauty. Along with tailoring looks, I also enjoy teaching and updating my clients on trends and looks. It's always fun and exciting, I love having my clients go home with more knowledge walking out of the salon."

SPECIALITIES: Women’s & Men’s Haircutting and Styling, Balayage, Color Change, Bleaching, and Keratin Treatments.


Martin Noriz


Martin Noriz is an inspirational hair stylist and educator whose 30-year history blends Vidal Sassoon Academy, SR Education and leading salons. A Southern California native, Martin has been inspired by the multiple industry opportunities of Los Angeles. An admiration for eduction and precision cutting lead Martin to his position as Senior Educator at the Vidal Sassoon Academy, Santa Monica. During his time in Los Angeles, Martin also established a loyal clientele of red carpet celebrities and industry insiders.

Today Martin travels between the acclaimed James Colgan Salon in San Francisco and teaching across North America with SR Eduction. While Martin continues to work with his exquisite clientele, he also regularly pursues his passion in developing new approaches, techniques and classes with SR Education.


Hanne Rehbock


Hannelore Rehbock is a native San Franciscan who started her journey at the Paul Mitchell San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology. Hannelore has been working in the hair industry for 2 years and has been trained immensely under James Colgan with cutting, coloring, and styling. Hannelore’s attention to detail and her ability to create a unique look that compliments each clients individuality is what continues to motivate her everyday. 

Hannelore says , “It's more than just about the hair. It’s about making personal connections with my clients. It’s about making whoever sits in my chair find their beauty, inside and out. I work at both James Colgan Potrero Hill (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday) as well as James Colgan Union Square (Thursday, Saturday). Born and raised in Potrero Hill, I feel extremely lucky to work in the same neighborhood I grew up in and have clients who have seen me grow throughout the years."


Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 10.00.12 AM.png

Giselle VÉlez


Giselle Velez got her first taste of the stylist life by adding her own touches to the wigs of her mom's friends who were into theater. 20+ years into a career that spans New York, South Beach and Seattle, Giselle’s love for fashion---and her own unique style and individuality---continues to propel her career forward. It is Giselle's soulful, dedicated nature that brought her here to San Francisco, leaving her long-established business in Seattle.

Throughout her years of working for celebrity stylist, Oribé, Giselle developed both creative and precision cutting skills and blends these two disciplines into her own signature style of effortlessly sexy hair. In addition to being a talented color specialist who has worked with a broad range of color lines, Giselle also specializes in Hair Painting, Balayage, Keratin-straightening and extensions. Giselle applies her master skills and expertise in fashion and her forward-thinking aesthetics to the individual needs of her clients, leading them to feel confident and empowered.


Jess Cabral


A New York native, Jess has been in San Francisco for the last 20 years working in some of the city's premier salons. After 5 years at Cowboys and Angles salon, he’s going out on his own to bring his clients a more personalized salon experience.

Jess has studied with Sassoon he mastering precision cutting as well as Bumble & Bumble, discovering the art and magic of color. Over the years, he's perfected his signature style of soft outlines and light carefree hair with an edge of sophistication and glamorous beauty. 


Jefferson Mosquera


Jefferson Mosquera is a San Francisco/New York-based hairstylist, specializing in Men’s and Women’s cuts, lightening, smoothing, and styling using a mix of clipper and scissor work. He is also experienced in grooming and styling for both editorial and commercial fashion, e-commerce marketing, and runway presentations.

See some of his work here


Manee Ramos


From the salon to the runway, Manee Ramos' focus on detail produces elegant, street-fashion inspired looks. For more than 10 years as a hairdresser, he has created memorable styles for photo shoots and fashion shows, including Mercedes-Benz Fashion week. He instructed for Bumble and Bumble as one of their Network Educators. Giving in salon classes on styling, product knowledge and both razor cutting and barbering techniques. Manee worked closely with Hai Elite as one of their platform artists creating different types of ready-to-wear hair.