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"I first started at James Colgan Union Square in October of 2015. Being here has made a positive impact on my career. James Colgan has allowed me creative freedom and has given me an immense amount of encouragement. Since being at JCUS, I started working on a lot of personal editorial projects for myself. I would come in on my days off and set up a mini photo shoot at the salon, and immediately get into styling and shooting. A week after I finished my second photo shoot, I noticed Hairbrained was holding a contest to win tickets for the IBS show in New York. And if you're unfamiliar, it's a big hair show for hairdressers to attend. They hold hair/fashion shows, education, and sell professional tools for salon industry professionals -like a trip to Disneyland for kids, but for hairdressers. I decided to submit photos from my photo shoot. Next thing you know, I was one of the chosen ten to win! It's almost surreal and a huge honor for me ...and it's only the beginning!"

Isabelle Seale