Star-Studded Lineup Join Nick Arrojo for Happy Monday San Francisco

beauty-salon-sf Gathering in San Francisco Nick was joined on stage by a cast of California’s top hair stylists, making this complimentary evening the one to remember.

Held at Blue Sky Studios, a storied venue in the heart of the city, Nick, James Colgan (James Colgan Union Square), and Adam Federico (AJF Sacramento) and Brian Bode (Oya, Monterey CA) from the ARROJO Ambassador Style Council Demoed modern and creative cuts on the vanguard of fashion and beauty trends to a 150-strong audience. See the full article and gallery here!

images blog gridSee event photos here

To celebrate 15 years of Rocket Dog Rescue and his love of animals, James Colgan is holding a fundraiser for this local rescue shelter. For a small donation to Rocket Dog Rescue, James will be providing complimentary glamor cuts at Bernal Heights.

Fundraiser Event Link: Since moving to Potereo Hill, James takes weekly runs to Bernal Heights to take a break from the city life, pet the dogs, and take in the amazing views of the city. For this event, James is very excited to deliver his new Takara Belmont USAchair to the hill to offer clients a unique cutting experience while raising funds for Rocket Dog Rescue.

Rocket Dog Rescue is a San Francisco Bay Area dog rescue organization run by a group of dedicated volunteers. They save dogs from death at over-crowded shelters and find them loving, happy homes. Now in their 15th year, they have saved the lives of over 7,800 animals!

Thank You Wade

Farewell-wade-james-colgan-salon35 years of serving San Francisco with love and the best of intentions. I say farewell to my beloved clients and my beautiful city. A piece of my heart will always be here.

I have decided to take an early retirement and rediscover my art and redefine myself on the most beautiful place on the planet, the Hawaiian Islands.

I want to thank James for a wonderful creative salon for me in my last year's of San Francisco. I feel confident in recommending James and the staff, they are all very professional and nice people.

I hope I touched your hearts, because you've all touched mine. With love and light, I will see you one day on the beach.


Our Award Winning Stylist | Annie Sipaseuth

"I first started at James Colgan Union Square in October of 2015. Being here has made a positive impact on my career. James Colgan has allowed me creative freedom and has given me an immense amount of encouragement . Since being at JCUS, I started working on a lot of personal editorial projects for myself. I would come in on my days off and set up a mini photo shoot at the salon, and immediately get into styling and shooting. A week after I finished my second photo shoot, I noticed Hairbrained was holding a contest to win tickets for the IBS show in New York. And if you're unfamiliar , it's a big hair show for hairdressers to attend. They hold hair/fashion shows, education, and sell professional tools for salon industry professionals -like a trip to Disneyland for kids, but for hairdressers. I decided to submit photos from my photo shoot. Next thing you , I was one of the chosen ten to win! It's almost surreal and a huge honor for me ...and it's only the beginning !"

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JCUS Update

JCUS chair1  Erica Make Up  Periscope App

A lot has happened at JCUS since the launch of our new website and our last blog.

JCUS is now open Mondays, the Takara chairs (Choco and Dainty) have arrived from Japan and our third expansion is now complete on the 16th floor.

We love our new neighbors ‘Cocoon Union Square’ who share space with us here at JCUS and are set up to work on your brows, lashes and provide waxing services.

We welcomed new stylists, Kyle and Dre on board, and Erika is now providing make-up and airbrushing services.

Social Media plays a big part at JCUS, and we are now providing hair tutorials on Periscope! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well!


An introduction to James Colgan


Born in Birmingham, England, James Colgan’s career in the hair industry actually began in Dublin, Ireland. Even from the start of his apprenticeship in the 1980's, he had dreams of moving to another country to develop and further his career. Over the course of fifteen years he traveled and visited over twenty countries, including Paris, Bangkok, London, Melbourne and New York, but was unable to decide upon the best city to relocate and expand his craft. James’ mind was made up however, during a visit to San Francisco in 2005. He was captivated by the creativity, culture, and style of the city. 

After a year of planning and after seventeen years in Dublin, James left everything behind.

In 2006 James moved to San Francisco to rebuild his career, clients and reputation, and in doing so challenged himself to be become the best hairdresser in the city. To James "The act of styling beautiful hair is more a method of communication than anything else. We allow the client to send a message of health, happiness, and success. If the client looks great, then we look great.” this is his motto, and one he truly believes and stands by as he creates the best salon in San Francisco. 

2015 is going to be huge year for James Colgan Union Square Salon. Not only are we celebrating the launch of our Website and Blog, but we are also pleased to announce our 3rd expansion in house, as well as our partnership with Cocoon Salon and Spa!

Feel free to explore our new website equipped with all the bells and whistles a 21st century salon could need!  Feel free to get to know more about us by reading our mission statement, employee bio’s, or even browsing our online gallery. Email Subscription, Booking options, and links to social media are all available here. We have come along way here at JCUS, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Our latest expansion is just a fraction of the changes we have made to the 16th floor of our historic building over looking Union Square, delivering our clients a state of the art facility boasting the best views in the city.

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